Ricoeur Quotes : Hermeneutics, Narrative and History

Paul Ricoeur

Philosophy Quotes by Paul Ricoeur

The philosophy of Ricoeur is one of the most colorful of the  contemporary philosophy. At the edge of the phenomenology, Ricoeur became interested in existentialism, hermeneutics and the Christian philosophy. His greatest contribution lies in the field of identity, which he helped to rethink on one narrative mode (Oneself  as another).

Ricoeur and history:

– “The story we are writing  (die historie) is made possible by the history that was made ​​(die Geschichte)”

– “All philosophy is, somehow, the end of history”

Ricoeur and subjectivity:

– “Happiness is like, putting a breakpoint in the headlong rush of desire”

– “The need is an affect in that it is entirely an indigence by momentum which tends to fill it. It is true that the need is the feeling of a lack of organic supplemented by that of a nascent movement ”

– “Guilt is the moment of subjective fault, as sin is the ontological time. Guilt is accomplished interiority of sin”

– “Desire is the sort of entrepreneurial spirit that rises from the body at will, and that the will would be effective if it was weak initially spurred by the tip of Desire ”

– Affirm freedom is to take upon itself the origin of evil ”

– “Conscience is indeed the place par excellence where the illusions of self are intimately linked to the veracity of the certificate”


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