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If one should retain only one philosopher of the Enlightenment, Rousseau would probably be the one that would remain because his political contribution is important. The french revolutionaries, from Danton to Robespierre, have extolled Rousseau’s theories on the State, democracy, freedom. Kant held a dialogue with him about peace and war, his anthropology inspired structuralism, his discourse on language has marked the modern linguists, his controversy with Voltaire is famous … Announcing Romanticism as celebrating the classic, Rousseau is at the crossroads of modernity.

Here are some of of the most important thoughts and quotes by Rousseau:

Rousseau and Freedom:


– “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”

Rousseau, society and politics:

– “Man is born pure, it is society that corrupts”

– “If there were a people of gods, their government democratically”

– “The common good is everywhere apparent, and requires only common sense to be seen”

– “In the legislative power, the people can not be represented”

– “Will not be delegated”

Rousseau and happiness:

– “Happiness is a lifelong condition that does not appear here on earth for man”

– “If we could prolong the happiness of love in marriage, we would have paradise on earth”

– “What would I seek our happiness in other people’s opinions, if we can find it by ourselves?”

Rousseau and love:

– “Unless a beautiful woman is an angel, her husband is the most wretched of men”

Rousseau and Conscience:

– “Conscience,” Conscience, “Instinct divine, immortal and celestial voice guide assured of an ignorant and narrow-minded, but intelligent and free; infallible judge of good and evil, which makes man like God”

– “Conscience is the voice of the soul, the passions are the voice of the body”

Rousseau and property:

– “One who, having enclosed a piece of land, thought of saying ‘This is mine’ and found people simple enough to believe him was the real founder of civil society”

– “To alienate is to give or sell”


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