Saint Augustine’s Quotes

Saint Augustine

The philosophy of St. Augustine is by far the most influential on the Christian thinking. His Confessions is both a literary and philosophical treasure, showing how a depraved man can convert himself to wisdom and purity. The City of God describes a political organization governed by God.

St. Augustine and love:

– “Nobody lives without love”

– “I did not, I was in love with love”

– “The measure of love is to love without measure”

St. Augustine and freedom:

– “It is through love that one application, we seek, we know. Love and then do what you want”

St. Augustine, God and faith:

– “Nature is whole and entire order miracle, and that the order is a miracle”

– “Believe and you will understand; faith precedes, follows intelligence”

– “I believe because it is absurd”

– “Prayer is the greatest stronghold of soul”

– “Do not go outside, go back into yourself, the heart of the creature lives in the truth”

St. Augustine and time:

– “When the present, it was always present, if he did not join the past, it is not the time, it would be forever”

– “What then is time? When not ask me I know but once you ask me and I try to explain it, I do not know”

St. Augustine, wisdom and happiness:

– “The desire for happiness is essential to humans and is the motive of all our actions”

– “Happiness is to continue to desire what one possesses”

St. Augustine and War:

– “We do not want peace to war, but we went to war to achieve peace. So be peaceful, fighting to drive those that you know the blessings of peace, winning the victory over them”

St. Augustine and politics:

– “Where there is no justice, there is no republic”

– “The kingdoms without justice is only business of brigandage”


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