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Arthur Schopenhauer

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is often seen as a simple commentator on Kant. It is not the case. Schopenhauer is certainly Kantian, as Spinoza is Cartesian, but the contribution of Schopenhauer, including morality (his theory of Pity), is enormous. Freud, Nietzsche or Dostoevsky all recognized a certain legacy from Schopenhauer.

Schopenhauer philosophy shows  itself as a pessmistic thinking, who shows how tragic and pathetic the life is.

Sensitive and beautiful pen thinker (unlike that of the aridity of his mentor Kant), here is an anthology quotes of his own:

Schopenhauer’s quotes on Subjectivity:

– “Man is a metaphysical animal”

– “What knows everything, without being yourself known is the subject. The subject is, therefore, the bedrock of the world, the invariable condition, always implied, of any phenomenon, any object , for all that exists, exists only for the subject. This issue, as everyone finds itself, at least as he knows, he is not as object of knowledge ”

– “The world is my representation. – This proposal is a truth for all living and thinking, although, in man alone, she manages to turn into abstract knowledge and thoughtful. As soon as he is capable of bring to this state, we can say that the philosophical spirit is born in him”

– “It’s a tautology to say that” the will to live “and not simply the” will ”

– “In youth, it is contemplation in middle age, reflection dominates, one is the time for poetry, the other rather than philosophy”

– “Nobody has lived in the past, nobody will live in the future, this is the way of all life”

– “The individual is a copy, a sample of the will to live”

– “Action is the meeting point of the motives and character”

Schopenhauer and the Will:

– “The world is a mirror in which the will becomes aware of itself”

– “The will is inaccessible to the understanding”

– “Man is what he is. But he knows only gradually that it is”

Schopenhauer and freedom:

– “Freedom is the negation of the principle of sufficient reason, which means that everything that exists has a reason”

– “Man is the only phenomenon to be free”

Schopenhauer’s phrases on death:

– “The life of a man is a struggle for existence with the certainty of defeat”

– “Require the immortality of the individual is wanting to perpetuate an error to infinity”

– “Death is a sleep where individuality is forgotten”

– “The philosopher looks at death as the death as a ghost vain because he knows he is the will which the universe is a reflection”

Schopenhauer, women and love:

– “Women are divided into women deceived and deceiving women”

– “Love is the enemy. Make it, if it suits you, a luxury and a hobby, treat it as an artist, the genius of the species is an industrialist who wants only to produce . He has a thought, positive thinking and without poetry is the length of the human race ”

– “The sexual instinct is the cause of war and to peace: it is the foundation for serious action, the object of jest, the inexhaustible source of wit, all the key references, explanation for any signs dumb any proposal not made, any furtive glance, it’s that the main case of all men be treated as secret and wraps ostensibly the largest possible ignorance ”

– “Sex and procreation are not a dictatorship of the species”

– “The sexual urge is the most violent of our desires: the desire of all our desires”

– “The woman is an animal with long hair and short-sighted”

– “Getting married is doing everything possible to get caught by someone in horror”

– “All love is pity”


Schopenhauer and morality:

– “It’s not often that the loss of things that we teach the value”

– “An unlimited mercy towards all living beings is the strongest guarantee and most certain of good conservation habits”

– “Friends claim to sincere, yet they are the enemies who are”

– “The human being is basically a wild animal and appalling. We know only tamed and subdued by what we call civilization”

– “Selfishness rules the world”

– “Solitude offers man intellectually highly placed two advantages: first, to be with oneself, and the second for not being with others”

– “The righteous recognizes his ego in others”

Schopenhauer and happiness:

– “Happiness is not perfect and positive, should only expect a state comparatively less painful”

– “Freed from the burdens of life, man is responsible for himself, he becomes his own burden. That’s the trouble”

– “Between the desires and achievements flows all human life”

– “When the desire and satisfaction are repeated at intervals that are neither too long nor too short, suffering, common product of one and another, fell to its lowest level: and c ‘ is the happiest life ”

– “Nine-tenths of our happiness is based on health. With her, everything becomes a source of pleasure”

– “The activity is essential for the happiness that man must act, do something if he can do or at least learn something”

– “Life therefore oscillates like a pendulum from right to left, suffering from boredom, and these are the two elements which it is made, in other words. From there it is very significant by its very strangeness: the men who have placed all the pain, all suffering in hell, to fill the sky no longer find that boredom ”

– “Suffering is the substance of all life”

– Life is a perpetual struggle, accompanied by the certainty of being defeated ”

Schopenhauer and society:

– “What makes men sociable is their inability to bear solitude, and therefore themselves”

– “The need, born of emptiness and monotony of their interiors, but their many qualities and their unbearable repulsive defects disperse again. The average distance and they eventually discover that living together becomes possible, politeness and good manners ”

– “One day cold winter, porcupines a herd shook against each other to protect themselves against cold by heat reciprocal. But, painfully embarrassed by the piercing, they soon began to s depart from each other again. Forced to get closer again because of persistent cold, they felt once again the action of unpleasant pungent, and those alternatives and reconciliation on the expulsion lasted until that they have found a suitable distance where they felt safe from harm “(theory of the porcupine)

– “You can not really be so as long as we are alone who does not dislike solitude freedom because it is only being free. Every society has the inseparable companion the stress and demands sacrifices that cost even more than the individuality is most striking. Therefore, everyone will flee, or bear cherish the solitude in exact proportion to the value of his own ego. For this is the feels all his petty meanness and the great spirit all its greatness, in short, it weighs each to its true value ”

– “Poverty is the first physical torment of the people, the spiritual misery, boredom (that is to say the feeling of emptiness and fatigue caused by idleness), is one of the privileged classes”

Schopenhauer and the unconscious:

– “Thoughts are clearly aware that the area”

Schopenhauer and politics:

– “The state is the muzzle that aims to render harmless the carnivorous beast, man, and to ensure it has the appearance of a herbivore”

Schopenhauer and history:

– “What the story is really that long dream, the dream heavy and confused humanity”

Schopenhauer and metaphysics:

– “Metaphysics is the city of cuckoos in the clouds”


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