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Quotes & Sayings by Seneca

Seneca‘s Stoic philosophy is a meditation that focuses on the wisdom and happy life. Senecas was the teacher of the Emperor (who orders him to kill himself afterwards). Opposed to Cicero, whose thinks social life and civic duty was paramount. Seneca’s wisdom is to cultivate his willingness to put his happiness in virtue and not the accidents of fortune (The Happy Life)

The philosophy of Seneca is also a thought of death, which must be tamed and accepted by man.

Seneca and death:

– “Meditating on the death, meditate freedom and one who knows death, knows no longer be a slave”

– “The wise man lives as he ought, not as much as he can”

– “Losing is losing the only life that we may regret having lost since we will not be there to realize”


Seneca and wisdom:

– “The supreme good is the harmony of the soul”

– “Nobody cares about the good life, but to live long, so that all can give happiness to live well, not long to live”

– “The philosophy of Epicurus is not a school disorder: it is unfairly maligned”

– “The wise man is without passion”

Seneca and virtues:

– “All wickedness is rooted in weakness”

– “Not that we had very little time, but rather that we lose a lot”

Seneca and others:

– “We must commit ourselves not to follow like sheep, the flock ahead of us”

– “The crowd is the worst criterion for happiness”

Seneca and Stoicism:

– “I agree in this with the Stoics, on the nature of things: do not deviate, forming on his law, that is wisdom. The view is so happy that which is in agreement with nature”

Seneca and pleasures:

– “The day that the body has been dominated by the pleasure it will also be dominated by pain”

– “Virtue is something grand, lofty, sovereign, irresistible, of indefatigable pleasure, something low, servile, Low, perishable, whose residence and asylum are places of prostitution and taverns ”

Seneca and God:

– “Here is our obligation to support our own mortality and do not be troubled by the things that we can not avoid. It is in a realm that we are born: obey God, that’s freedom ”


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