Shakespeare’s Quotes: Tragedy and Human Condition

William Shakespeare is no longer read, but his reputation remains enormous. His work is a huge painting of human nature, both glorious and shameful.

Shakespeare’s quotes on love:

– “You can do a lot with hate, but more with love”

– “What love can do love dares try”

– “Love sees not with eyes but with the soul”

– “Love has just what it takes to turn it off”

– “Just as all is mortal in nature, and achieving any kind of love is fatally wounding of madness”

Shakespeare, others and society:

– “The friendship that can cease has never been real”

– “Abandon those who surrender themselves”

– “I want this world for what it is: a theater where everyone must play his role”

Shakespeare and the human nature / condition:

– “The world is a stage, and all the men and women are just actors. Each successive plays different roles in a drama in seven ages”

– “How the way of the world seems boring, bland, banal and sterile!”

– “Being in doubt, it’s already being solved”

– “Better to die than spend his life misunderstood to explain”

– “Our doubts assail us and make us fail. And we miss the goal we could achieve only by fear not to reach”

Shakespeare and death:

– “To die in battle, is death destroying death. Dying, shaking it to death slavishly pay the tribute of his life”

– “The dead policeman fierce, is adamant in its judgments”

– “Men are what is the instant”


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