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Best Quotes by Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir will remain in the manuals of students for two different reasons: the first to have written the greatest feminist manifesto (The second Sex), the second for being the “girlfriend” (in the mode of free love) of Sartre. Sartre and Beauvoir have formed the most famous intellectual couple (see the Place Sartre-Beauvoir in the Latin Quarter in Paris).

De Beauvoir and the human condition:

– “Choose life, always choose the future. Without that momentum carries us forward we would be nothing more than a mold on the surface of the earth”

– “Humanity prefers to life reasons to live”

– “No one exist without doing”

– “Wanting to be free, it means you want other free”

– “Humanity is a discontinuous series of free men permanently isolate their subjectivity”


De Beauvoir and feminism:

– “We’re not born a woman but becomes one”

– “It is through work that women have largely gone the distance which separated the male and is the only job that can guarantee him a freedom concrete”

– “Marriage doubles and all the family chores Social

– “The happy couple who recognizes himself in love defies the universe and time, it is enough, he realizes the absolute”

– “The women themselves to forge the chains that man does not wish to entrust”

– “These are not individuals who are responsible for the failure of marriage is the institution itself is originally perverted”

– “Some women feel their femininity as an absolute curse: they want or welcome a girl with the bitter pleasure of being in another victim”

– “In France especially stubborn woman is confused with free and easy woman, the idea of ​​ease involving a lack of strength and control, a lack, a negation of freedom”

– “The woman is doomed to immorality because morality is for her to embody an inhuman entity: the strong woman, wonderful mother, and so the virtuous woman”

De Beauvoir, morality and happiness:

– “Happy people have no history”

– “Beauty is told less than happiness”

– “The happiness as a reason that life gives itself”

– “The essence of all morality is to view human life as a party that can win or lose, and to teach man the way to win”

– “Without fail, no ethics”


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