Spinoza’s Quotes


Spinoza‘s thought is not limited to the Ethics. His work is a moral, political and religious at the same time.

According to Spinoza, happiness is not only personal but also social and political. Spinoza is also a great opponent to injustice, superstition and obscurantism. Here are few quotes to approach his philosophy:

Spinoza and subjectivity:

“Man is not an empire within an empire”

– “Being is to persevere in its being”

– “The conatus means anything as far as it is to persevere in its being”

– “Can do what I want: it is because we believe it is a good thing that we desire, but because we desire that we find it good”

– “We feel and feel that we are eternal”

– “Is the thing called free which exists by the sole necessity of his nature and is determined by itself to act”

– “A free man thinks of nothing less than death, and his wisdom is a meditation not of death but of life”

Spinoza and passions / affections:


– “Love is Joy, accompanied by the idea of ​​an external cause”

– “Hatred is pain, accompanied by the idea of ​​an external cause”

– “The hatred must be overcome by love and generosity”

– “The happiness is not the reward of virtue but virtue itself”

– “Do not laugh, do not complain, do not curse, but to understand”

– “The desire that is born of joy is stronger, other things being equal, that the desire born of sadness”

Spinoza, God and determinism:

– “There is nothing contingent in the nature of things, they are instead determined by the necessity of the divine nature to exist and operate in a certain way”

– “Men are mistaken in what they believe themselves free in their opinion is simply because they are aware of their actions, and ignorant of the causes that determine them”

– “Everything is either in itself or by something else”

Spinoza and Politics:

– “Men are led by blind desire rather than reason”

– “Peace is not absence of war is a virtue, a state of mind, a willingness to benevolence, confidence, justice”

– “For men are not born but become citizens”

– “If two people join together and combine their forces, and they increase their power and consequently their right, and there will be individuals who formed alliance, together have more in law”

– “The State does not turn men end of rational beings into animals or automatons, but rather to ensure that citizens develop safe body and mind, make free use of their reason, not compete no mutual hatred, rage and cunning, and consider themselves a jealous eye point and unfair. The end of the state, so it really freedom ”

– “The State is required because the individual has transferred to the company all the power that belongs to him that it is only to be a sovereign command”

Spinoza and the truth:

– “A true idea must agree with the object it represents”

– “Any idea that we are absolute, that is adequate and perfect, is true”

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