Subjectivity: Philosophical Definition

Subjectivity and Philosophy:

From the latin “subjectum”.

Its primary sense tells us that there is a term affirm or deny something, in a proposal. More metaphysically, Subject is synonymous with substance be real support for attributes or accidents. It is also the person subject to a sovereign authority in politics, and the knowing mind in the theory of knowledge.

Definitions of Philosophers:


“It’s who knows everything, without being yourself known is the subject. The subject is, therefore, the bedrock of the world, the invariable condition, always implied in any phenomenon, any object, because all that exists is only for the subject.


“We call […] topics [men], as they are required to obey the rules established by the City, that is to say to its laws. ”


“The subject is what everything else is asserting itself, and is no longer himself said something else. ”


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