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Famous quotes and syaings by Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas, or St. Thomas is the most famous medieval philosopher. Much of the philosophy of St. Thomas tried to reconcile the writings of the Greeks (Aristotle and Plato in particular) with the texts of revelation. Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy is kind of a synthesis of Aristotelianism and Christianity. Thomas Aquinas is the Western equivalent of Averroes (synthesis between Aristotle and Islam) and Maimonides (synthesis between Judaism and Aristotelianism)

The Summa Theologica is his major work. However, Thomas Aquinas is not confined to religion, his thought covers everything: logics, olitics, ethics, metaphysics.

St. Thomas and Aristotle:

– “The act is not limited and increased only if received in a power” (the difference between being and power in Aristotle)

St. Thomas, God and faith:

– “What is subtracted from the perfection of creatures is the perfection of God that takes away”

St. Thomas and morality:

– “We are worth only as good as our joys”

– “The passions are in themselves neither good nor bad”

– “Good and being are identical in reality, they differ only by Reason”


– “Everything that man wants or desires, it is necessary either for its ultimate end”

– Happiness is the ultimate end of man is at the top of the property; more a thing is close to this end, the higher its rank among human goods ”

St. Thomas and politics:

– “The best government is that of a single leader”

– Yet each man, by its very nature, has innate in him the light of reason, which directs its actions towards its end. And if it was suitable for man to live alone, as is true for many animals, this would be enough light to direct it towards its end, everyone would be at one’s own king in the reign supreme God as, by the divine gift of reason, he would go himself in his actions. But human nature wants it to be a social and political animal, living in community ”

– “There is bound to obey secular princes to the extent required by an order based on justice. And therefore, if the leaders have usurped authority, and therefore unjust, or if their precepts are unfair, their subjects are not obliged to obey them, except perhaps by accident, to avoid scandal or danger ”

St. Thomas and just war:

– “A war is just if its cause is just and pursues the common good”

St. Thomas and freedom:

– “Man has free will, or so the advice, exhortations, precepts, prohibitions, rewards and punishments would be in vain”

St. Thomas and Philosophy:

– “The aim of philosophy is not knowing what men have thought, but what is the truth of things”

– “Philosophy, servant of religion”

– “The truth is the agreement between intelligence and things”

St. Thomas and knowledge:

– “Here are some other cognitive faculty that is not the act of an organ and is united in any way to the bodily matter: it is the angelic intellect”

– “But know what exists in an individual matter, but not as it exists in such material is abstracted from individual matter what form the images represent. And that is why we must say that our intelligence knows the material realities in abstracting the images ”

St. Thomas and women:

– “The woman is an occasional and incidental”

– “As an individual, the woman is a weak and defective”

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