Thomas More Quotes from Utopia

St Thomas More

English philosopher, Thomas More is a major political thinker. Prominent political figure, More advised King Henry VIII and was imprisoned and executed. His Utopia describes a humanist ideal world, where there is freedom and harmony between individuals and between Sovereign and subjects themselves. While utopia means “nowhere”, the project of More is very pragmatic. Like Machiavelli‘s Prince, his book is a guide of practical advice for the use of Princes, to soothe relations between states.

More exerted great influence on Kant (Perpetual Peace Project) or the abbot of St. Peter.

All quotes are from Thomas More‘s Utopia.

Thomas More, peace and war:

– “Princes look like a bad introduction treaties among nations, even these religious observances. This use accustomed men to believe each other enemies, born to an eternal war and s’entredétruire legitimately in the absence of a treaty of peace as if there was no society in nature between two nations, because a hill or a brook separates ”

– “The Utopians have the war in abomination as something brutal animal and man, however guilty more frequently that no species of wild beast”

– “Inside of Utopia, all the seeds of ambition, of faction, are rooted out with all the other vices. Therefore, the State does not fear the civil strife that toppled the power and fortunes of so many cited. The union of the citizens being thus highly consolidated within, excellence and energy institutions defend the republic against the dangers from without. The desire of all the neighboring kings would be powerless to shake or disturb Empire ”

Thomas More and power:

– “Sire, enjoy the peace that gives you good fortune; grow the kingdom of your fathers, let them bloom happiness, wealth and strength, love your subjects, and their love makes you happy, live in father among them, and do not order ever despot then let the other realms, one that you have gotten an inheritance is large enough for you ”

– “The princes think only of war (art unknown to me and I have no desire to know). Beneficent They neglect the arts of peace. Is it to conquer new realms, any means they are good, the sacred and the profane, crime and the blood does not stop them ”

– “Philosophy has no access to the courts of princes”

– “The driver never leaves his ship before the storm, because he can not control the wind”

– “When the sages saw the crowd spread through the streets and squares, for a long and heavy rain, they cry to the multitude of crazy back home, to take cover. And if their voices are not heard, they do not take to the streets to get wet unnecessarily with everyone, they stay home, and are content to be alone at the shelter, since they can not cure the madness of others ”


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