The Truman Show – Analysis

truman show

The Truman brought the proof than Hollywood can be sometimes smart, or brilliant. Indeed, the philosophy of this movies is obvious : Descartes is litteraly quoted in it …

Life, theater and reality : The Truman Show thesis

Life is a stage, as said Shakespeare. This is basically the main thesis of the Truman Show. You will find below a summary of the film following by an analysis.

The Truman Show presents us a man whose whole life was created and organised by a director, since this man, when he was a child, was adopted (bought?) by the TV studio. All his life has been managed by the director that will make him live his first love, his adventures, his studies, surrounded by actors who always give the answer without knowing it. So his life is an illusory life. Truman will awake from fiction in which it is maintained. In the end, Truman, deception and burst out of the show because he finally realized that all he saw was just turning around.

You can read this story first in terms of postmodernity:in terms of Big Brother. In this case, we say that the poor Truman is operating, he enjoys a freedom which is totally artificial and that the head is the big bad movie producer who uses it. So healthy revolt against the company image, as the producer of media illusion. But as the same time, everyone enjoy being the star power of this kind of production, criticism quickly falls flat and the argument carries little. Can you imagine! be known to the world famous! Make an apology for freedom from this example is to claim an escape from this world by saying that everything is fake in the company which is before our eyes.

Truman’s Show: Dream vs Reality creation

Let us go to a different hypothesis. What is interesting is to actually watch what would happen if the world around us was indeed consistent with what we are. We believe in the natural attitude is falling in a world that existed before us. We live in separation, with a representation of ourselves like a small thing in the middle of things. In the middle of a story that is not ours, but of the world, we are lost and we spend our lives trying somehow to adapt, to integrate ourselves in the world (which does mean that the world is there before us). We conduct a life eccentric, because we are lost in a reality that we believe we will be totally foreign. However, the ego is fighting very well: he began deliberately to the center of the world and he begins to believe that everything is conspiring in his favor. Is it a grave sin to believe that everything revolves around my conscience? I am the center of the world? This centrality, in what sense can it be true, in what sense can it be fictional?

The hypothesis of The Truman Show says that the hero is inextricably linked to everything that happens around him. We can imagine a sort of vast collective consciousness that manipulates without his knowledge. As in Matrix. But we can also think that the events that happen to me also echo with what I am and unconsciously orchestrated from it. Suppose: I have very bad experienced the separation of my parents, and years later, I divorce in pain, repeating a scene that I have lived as if the script was written in my unconscious and that the circumstances of lives that were held in line with what I am. I can not say that the world is completely separate from me. The dream world is my creation, and thus it is the real world. From this perspective, the staging of The Truman Show is a completely different terrain. Am i not the co-creator of the world around me? The world does not exist independently of consciousness that I have, it is related to the realization that I take. I can not arbitrarily change the world, but I can change my consciousness of the world and just this change of consciousness itself can change everything. The director of my life is not outside of me, it is not on air, in its control tower telling me handle. It is in me. Each event in my life is an echo with my own conscience and somehow does not happen by chance! It would of course rather paranoid (it is the ego) to imagine that the factor that told me this morning plays a role for me and everyone plays for me. On the other hand, the opposite doctrine is wrong, because the world is not totally outside, it is enveloped by my conscience, wrapped in my story and each is from a meeting in the course of the movie of my life. The Centre does exist in me, but nothing like the ego can imagine by making personal stories of conspiracy…

Truman Show illustrates the fact that conscience creates his own world, that subjectivity is the center of the world. Descartes would love this film…

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