What jobs with a philosophy degree

Philosophy students, often reduced to being the poor parents of university training in the humanities, often leave the university of philosophy not knowing what to do. In reality, they are not so impoverished in the face of the work market. Here is a panorama of the jobs leads to consider. You will find that the potential is almost infinite after a philosophy degree.

Your strengths after philosophy studies:

The philosophy develops many qualities sought by employers and the labor market in general. Know how to value what your studies have brought you:

  • An analytical mind
  • The sense of synthesis
  • Make you comfortable in complex situations
  • Good writing skills
  • An Intellectual rigor

A world of Opportunities:

The range of possible trades, which we do not necessarily think about, is very long:

  • Writing jobs: journalism, translation, interpreting, …
  • Consulting services: consultant, coach, …
  • Civil service: professor, public analyst, …
  • Communication jobs: public relations, crisis communication, lobbyist, politician (like Bill Clinton) …
  • Financial jobs: analyst (like George Soros or Carl Icahn), statistician, …

Job Search Tips: Forgetting Philosophy

  • Complete your theoretical course with professional training
  • In your CVs and cover letters, do not go into the details of your curriculum (indicate only the last degree obtained), or you have passed/failed public service competitions.
  • Indicate your grade where appropriate