Who was Socrates ?

Socrates philosopher

Socrates as a enigmous figure of the Philosophy

Socrates is probably the most mysterious figure of Western philosophy. Socrates is both the most famous philosopher and one about we know almost nothing.

Biography of Socrates:

In his biography, one know that he was born in Attica (-470) and died in Athens (-399), following his death sentence. His father was a sculptor and his mother a midwife. Socrates wrote nothing, his thoughts have been transmitted by his pupil Plato. It is always Socrates talking, wearing a coarse cloak, walking the streets barefoot. Its physical, we know he was extremely rugged and ugly. Compared to the sophists, usually rich, the wise or classical, who often occupy important positions in the city, Socrates appears as a marginal, without function or outdoor attractions.

The philosophy of Socrates:

Socrates is found wherever people are massaged, posing as one “who knows nothing”, asking people what they think they know and destroying their illusions and false knowledge, pushing them to think for themselves. For example, it will show the hero Laches he does not know what the courage or the politicians they misunderstand the essence of politics. It speaks of Socratic irony, since Socrates seeks to awaken, or deliver the souls as he says himself.

But his teaching is condemned by his contemporaries, which the judge and push him to drink hemlock. But in this event (which reflects Plato in the Apology of Socrates), Socrates accepts his conviction, continues to talk and die in serenity. This death, copy, Hegel will say that Socrates is a “Hero of Humanity”.

Socrates bases his philosophy on the ruthless criticism of human opinions, what will become a model for all Western thought.

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