Why study philosophy today ?

study philosophy

Studying philosophy is exciting.

Today, studying philosophy is exciting because philosophy questions shake your certainties. Could it be that everything I believe about the existence of external reality is the product of my imagination? If not, how do I know? How can I be sure that the feelings of others are similar to mine? Do I see the table red as my neighbor? During your studies of philosophy, you will learn to address these critical issues in a fascinating way.

If we study foreign languages because we like to communicate with others, the letters because we love books and literature, one often chooses to engage in studies in philosophy at the end of the graduating class because we want to think for oneself. The student of philosophy seems to prevail over his comrades of the other sections a kind of “premium intelligence”

The philosopher, that is to say a thinker, is flying over the world view of its height and sometimes a little lost in the nebulae. Thus understood, the arrival of the young first year of the Bachelor degree in philosophy could be a disappointment. In fact, thinking for yourself, if that is the ultimate aim of all education and that of philosophy in particular, requires some learning. Here, as in other disciplines, it is not spouting opinions, preconceptions, ideas believed to be true yet because you have your own thoughts.

While the quality of writing and philosophy are appreciated even by his methods requires constant attention to the language: the literature is quite a place in philosophy class. But we must also demonstrate extreme rigor in all your arguments and this philosophy has something to do with the mathematical method. Many mathematicians, after a preparatory class scientific and sometimes admission to an engineering school, decided to turn to the study of philosophy.