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Woody Allen

Funny and Meaningful quotes by Woody Allen

Woody Allen‘s movies are full of memorable witticisms. Funny or pathetic, some of its replicas have marked spectators. Allen talks about everything crucial for men: conscious, women, psychoanalysis, death and human condition. Here are few quotes by Woody Allen which emphasizes this point.

Woody Allen and women:

– “You’re a wonderful lover … – is that I trained a lot in solitary”

– “Sure, love is the answer. But while you’re waiting for the answer, sex raises very pertinent questions”

– “Sex between two people, it’s beautiful. Between five, it’s fantastic”

– “Sex alleviates tension. Love the causes”

– “Do not touch my brain is my second favorite organ”

Woody Allen and psychoanalysis:

– “My films are a form of psychoanalysis, except that it is I who am paid, which changes everything”

Woody Allen, God and death:

– “It’s not that I fear death, I just do not want to be there when it happens”

– “The difference between sex and death, it is to die, you can do it alone, and nobody will laugh at you”

– I do not know if God exists, but if there is, I hope he has a good excuse! ”

Woody Allen and the human condition:

– “Better not think too much. Relying more on the body: it is more trustworthy”

– “And if all was illusion? If nothing existed? In this case, I paid my carpet too expensive ”

– “Is there a separation between body and mind, and if so which is it better to have?”

– “When I’m not working, I think and I think when I get depressed”

– “I always thought that as long as man is mortal, he will never be relaxed”

– “Life is divided into two categories: horror and misery”

Woody Allen and politics:

– “The dictatorship is” shut up “, democracy is” always concerned ”


Here are the main Allen’s movies :

1969 Take the Money and Run

1971 Bananas

1972 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

1977 Annie Hall

1979 Manhattan

1984 Broadway

1985 The Purple Rose of Cairo

1995 Mighty Aphrodite

1996 Everyone Says I Love You

1997 Deconstructing Harry

2002 Hollywood Ending

2003 Anything Else

2005 Match Point

2006 Home Yes Himself

2008 Vicky Cristina Barcelona

2009 Whatever Works

2010 You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

2011 Midnight in Paris

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